Do you feel spring?!

I do! I guess it’s the sun that’s been blinding me, or birds or the fact that there are rabbit babies skipping around!!
Few days ago I noticed that a “door” to their burrow was open and tiny poop was laying around. There are babies! Since they live in their own underground burrow it was impossible to keep track what a heck was going on there.
Yesterday I saw from a kitchen window a little rabbit hopping around.
And today I slowly pressed myself into their cave to take pictures.
Five little furry balls of sweetness !!


How to jump over your non existing shadow

Well, it’s pretty damn hard I say!

Besides a good attempt to multitask from a day to day and from dragging my sorry ass around, appearing a bit like headless chicken , I  think that somehow, some miraculous way, I have managed to jump back to my hamster wheel.
Things are coming together and I think I felt sort of  serious long hangover since mid summer. Sort of tired, running on fumes and unable to make as much as I had planned.
And I know that you will say now, that I have had made more than most people, that I have mad a lot. But I’m not like most people, I need to make more.
So pushing myself has become somewhat of a habit of mine, and scratching out things from the list to do, I feel the greatest!
And it has nothing to do with the energy pills ( Rhodiola rosea) that I’m taking 😀

List of things, that are coming together are getting longer and longer.
Meanwhile there was a 30 cm of snow in Tallinn. All I can say is that this news made all of us moving with greater speed! So far, knock on the wood, we are saved here. Autumn in ongoing !

We have also managed to get more beasts to our awesome collection : 2 pigs and 2 goats!
Goats will move in next week. They are really nice and also pretty animals, their new names are Gertrud and Brunhilde.
Pigs are called Moser and Fidler. These two have their own little oink joint – a half of old boat where they snuggle in a deep pile of straw. They are funny characters , especially when it comes to mindless running around or fighting about food. Päsh the Dog thinks that they are some sort of dog breed as well, and can’t really get the hint that these two are not into fooling around. So he stays outside and just keeps a good eye on them.
Oinkers are really easy animals to keep, a half of the day is spent to make them a good fence, the other half goes to transport. And now you have pigs!
They are fed mostly with potatoes and leftover food material. Thankfully we got 800 kg of organic potatoes from nearby farm, some of it we planted, rest of it is kept in earth cellar and very day we boil a big pot full for them.
For boiling I use about 8 logs of good wood, and that is it. So they are no trouble at all.
So chicken, ducks and turkeys are also grateful for their side food.

Here, this is Moser :

Lost and Found, but not the Frog

Well, it happened to be summer after all. All this time of waiting, plants are waiting, slow motion of an emotional draft that there is still a spring in the air and plenty of time in our hands to finish. And what are we finished?  The land combined with our brains is popping up more and more ideas, rushing into the day, unable to finish later in the night due to the knot raids as soon as the sun sets down. The days are shorter than me.
I feel smaller and smaller every day that is to come. I can’t tell where am I slipping, but perhaps it’s the land that swallows me into her arms when I lay in the moss to watch the clouds weeping by. I nibble the first blueberries, color my teeth blue to match with my emotions. Maybe it’s the nature to show our place in it. We are small and even smaller when we are alone. Is this the reason people are seeking refuge in larger groups?

Long stretch of a decent weather, and large amount of a manure, made the garden blossom and grow underneath our eyes. Every day it seems to gather more power and soil beneath comes more alive.
Birds are coming to eat the worms and my strawberries, beetles like no other have been noted here and there.
And naturally first new life has been created!  Our turkey girl  started breeding, and with no fertile eggs for her own, we slipped 8 chicken eggs under her. And she was a determent mom. By today 4 little chicks have hatched and are doing well.

Right now we have a headcount at the Farm:
4 chicken + 1 rooster ( all different mix breeds )
1 turkey + 1 tom
4 chicks
5 chicken +2 roosters ( Barbu d’Anvers )
3 goats
1 ram
2 cats
1 dog
2 rabbits

My sheep are enjoying themselves at other pastures, so I will not put them to our head list just yet.

New member of our family

I guess this here is the only free time I will take today. And I’m not big of staying up late these days.
Story itself started already months ago, when I was looking for a dogs people would sell online. And my brain agreed it to be crazy-stupid decition to get a dog at this point our lives.
We had made up our minds to get a dog perhaps in fall. When we are moved in and most crazyness would have (hopefully) past. Perhaps my mind was not so made up anyways….
So it would happen that I by accident! stumble over a perfect kelpie puppy on Australian Kelpie site on FB. (That Australian Kelpie would be a breed for us had been desited already a years ago, when we met a nice young family with that awesome dog willing to interact)
And as luck would have it this specific puppy was located in Hungary. And ofcourse I’m not traveling to Hungary to get a dog….or do I?
Soon I was packing my suitcase!
My best friend Kessu came along for a four day veccation in Budapest, a city like no other.
Our unstoppable duo managed to manoover, like always, the puppy transport via plane, late night-all day city walks, found a cute littel nightly tradition and early spring weather. Last that took us with surprise, bent our necks, and we screwed open a bottle of vodka, heathed with a honey.
And by the time you realize that this city is too big for you, you have to leave.

At the airport I met my puppy for a third time. He is in the transport box, licking my fingers when I whisper to him that all will be allright. As the terminal worker takes him away, I drop my first tear for him. Soon he is really my dog, as soon as we land in Sweden. As soon as I open that transport box!
Waiting for him on the other side of the terminal, my special cargo, then customs, all went smooth. And as luck would have it, Götz came to pick us up at the airport.
And then arriving home. Our old home.
It took a day for him to get realxed. It still takes a time for me to get up before 6 in the morning. A day like today, waching the sun come over the treetops.
After his second name, Pacific, he is called Päsh. A darn cute doggy who looks deep into my eye for a new command, takes his dutys seariously, follows me where ever I go, makes you laugh and as active as he is.
His day is filled with a long walks, training, sleeping in front of the oven like cat, covered with blanket.

there and back again


Over night a snow came and covered all of our half-finished business. In some ways it was great, all white and in order. My newly arrived sheep did not mind at all, for as long new hay and some treats keep on coming.
So we stayed snow stuck here.
Then was our remarkable trip to Estonia but it got us as far as Stockholm, where they had a snowstorm of a century. So this chaos there did not assure our way to ferry, we arrived two and half hours later, ferry was long gone. We fueled up, coffee and cigarillos and turned back home. 230 km to go and still traffic chaos, ambulance stuck, police stuck. We managed to stay in good humor and while pushing the bus uphill with some strangers it was actually warm and joyful evening. In total we were in trafficyam 4,5 hours. As we heard later, some stayed there for 10 hours. Only our cunning coordination saved us from that spot. After 12 hours of being in the car we arrived home. Tired and sworn never to go to Stockholm with a car again. Instead Kessu and I went with backpack two days later.
I visited Mardilaat, annual market for handicrafts, traditional food and little chit-chat with fellow crafter. It was different that last year, I liked it better, new things and new feelings.
Perhaps this is the reason of that little voice in my head that says : “Maybe you should take part as well…” I’m considering it. I’m.
Then the small vacation was due. And I was dragging my suitcase along the trainstation in Stockholm again. A’las, no snow.


Arriving home is the sweetest thing
We took our time to clear up the area and started to insulate house from outside.
With promise from Yrno ( Norwegian weather forecast that no snow will come in any foreseeable time we kept on working outside. So two layers on insulation is on, roof is done ( only grass needs to go on, but that will come in spring), chimney in done. Inside work with kitchen floor and ceiling will take more time than I had in mind. Layers of old paint, stuck in wood and countless amounts of small nails in every CM or so. Things are looking good!
For a while we worked at the house every day, we had music and great rhythm, lunch in dusty temporary kitchen and good spirit.


When November turned the page…
We have taken off a little time to catch up with our works here in Ladbacken. Some leather work that needed to be finished and Götz has been forging up a storm.
Many things finished and some not even started. But all and all it looks to be really good.
As I have mentioned that we have electricity in Kvarnfall, we as a young couple made our very first electronic purchase together – a freezer! It is already full of meat, berries and herbs.
I admit of having a bit odd feelings toward this all electric living because I have been so-to-speak off the grid for more than 4 years now. Just generators and worries about fuel canisters, transformer and batteries, with long silence days that have no connection to anywhere, no buzzing electric charge over my head, just complete silence and nights with candle light, working with the headlamp. Slightly depressing dark winter times, I guess are over for us. All seems to be last, last November, last autumn, summer long gone, soon also last winter.

When you realize that **Ega tali taeva jää** /Est.- winter will not stay in the sky* /
Just yesterday we laid concrete in kitchen, a sturdy base for our oven. And day before that we installed a big oven to my work place to heat the house. That took about two days of cursing, chimney that they have built here is not straight, it goes with a bend, and god only knows why they did it… So it was stuck, so stuck that nothing seem to work, finally we needed to make extra hole to get out – two buckets of stones, sand and birds nest! But we got it going! Stone off my soul…or Birds nest off my soul.
Warmth will now fill our little house!


Fight against your forest being
I’m perfectly happy with the way things are rolling. On the other hand it’s extremely hard to work against your natural state, witch is hibernating at that time being.
Every year time goes slow somewhere around beginning of November, when I bring sheep home from summer pastures. I celebrate November by making things only for myself, storing up for winter, new knitting projects and so on. But not this year.
These evening works to play with indigo or leather or knitting do not want to continue.
So I drag myself, really I do, against my winter sleep to keep awake. I can do that, until nine in the evening. Amazing,summer time at that hour I’m high-up-and-going.
But now, sun goes down before it came up. Less than 6 hours of sunlight.
Its a struggle, but I keep reminding myself all that time I miss before Ribe and just that one day is always missing. And today is that day.
So keep it up and use the time you have. You can sleep when you’re dead!
This day, this holy day, we brew beer


thank you Felix for all the pictures!

Time keeps on stopping

True story, it seems that we are really blessed with the weather so far.
All sun and dry fall, kept leaves on for a very long time.
And that time we used to build our home. We raised the outside walls on second floor about 60 cm. To make the angle of the roof more comfy for the grass roof.
That done, with brand new beams inside, it no longer looked like a stuffy attic anymore. But nice and spacey room.
As it seems, we will not be able to put on grass, but we have done insulation and plastic cover for the winter to come. If time stops completely /// fingers crossed /// then we can throw a grass on it.